FOMO is alive and well, and living in my headspace.

    Yours too?

    If so, take heart, because Fear Of Missing Out just might be leading you by the heart to this blog series, which just might be leading you to a most epically adventurous life. And it may start in the simplest of ways. For instance…

    Not long ago, my husband and I were with friends at Yellowstone National Park, gathering at the trailhead to a fantastical natural wonder. Because of hip pain, I sent everyone else trekking on, while I hung out in the car, bummed, because of, well, you know, that FOMO thing.

    But soon after they left, I shifted my focus to the herd of buffalo that started lumbering into the parking lot, like they owned the place—and I decided that if I couldn’t have a good time with my current friends, I would make new friends. Friends with horns, snorting beady-eyed beautiful, four-legged friends. As the herd moved into the grass, I figured that a selfie with my new buds was in order, so I jumped out of the car and took one. (I wasn’t too close, I promise. And I left the car door open in case of an unexpected stampede.) It became one of my most beloved photos of all time, because it reminded me that even when you’re in a bad place, if you can manage to shift your focus, adventure (and the joy that comes with it) just might be under your nose. Or in front of your car. Or wherever. Which is why that picture ended up on the header of this site, and probably my life. Maybe yours, too.

    If you, like me, have a restless heart that’s sometimes forced underground by all manner of challenges, consider this your invitation to a life of adventure…no matter what.

    WHAT is this blog really about, anyway?

    Adventure: n.  a risk taken to experience the remarkable

    Adventure has more faces than you might realize. Google the word and you’ll typically find a lot of people base-jumping off cliffs, traveling to exotic places, and hurling themselves out of airplanes.  And that’s all amazing, but adventure encompasses so much more: It can be physical, yes, but also relational, vocational, emotional and spiritual.

    Maybe you need to tell someone you love them, or switch careers or take an improv class, or do something that involves white-knuckle faith. Anything that requires even a modicum of risk (you might fail, you might look stupid, it might just all dissolve into nothingness and take you with it) no matter how big or small–that, my friend, is adventure beckoning you.

    HOW will it work?

    Each week for the next 52 (starting Monday, June 19), I’ll ask you a question designed to be a catalyst for your own adventurous life. It’s up to you to spend a little time answering it—in your head, on paper, on a screen, in the shower, however you process best. I do recommend at least jotting thoughts down–not necessarily in sentence form, but maybe you could just keep a small notebook handy.

    I’ll also offer up stories, inspiration and resources for your journey. And maybe an occasional kick in the pants.

    I hope you’ll share your own stories in the comments below and on my Facebook page.

    If you join us, I believe you’ll be surprised at what comes a-resurrecting: maybe dreams you had long forgotten, or didn’t even know were buried under the mechanics of life.

    WHY a blog about this?

    Because adventure makes people come alive, and a whole lot of people going through a whole lot of stuff have sent their spirits underground, and they want their aliveness back.

    Maybe you want your aliveness back.

    You may not be able to see it at first, but if you practice living adventure, even in small ways, it just might lead you into a life that brings justice or mercy or compassion or beauty or much needed change into the world.

    And one day you’ll find yourself living a life that is way, way bigger than you are.

    WHO is invited into this life-changing enterprise?

    You.  You with the restless heart…because that’s where most adventure starts.

    Even if you’re in crisis right now. Especially if you’re in crisis right now. Even if you are not physically well, if you are battling acute or chronic pain, physical or emotional.

    Even if you are grieving a loss—of a loved one, of a dream, of a physical or intellectual ability.

    Even if you are in a stage of life when you’re meeting yourself coming and going, and can’t imagine that you could have time to think about adventure.

    Even if you’re caring for someone else—an aging parent, a sick friend or a houseful of kids.

    Even if your life isn’t at all what you thought it would be—or wanted it to be– at this juncture.

    Even if you think you’re “too old” or “too young” or too anything.

    No matter where you are, that restless heart of yours is calling your name.

    It just might be time for you to answer.

    Sign up here. Then hang on.

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