Podcast Episode 5: Be Who You Are

You, too, may have grown up describing yourself in a way that really doesn’t describe you at all: by your size, your hair, your parents, your money (or lack of it), or any one of a number of labels people imposed on you…or you imposed on yourself.

And maybe, at your time of life now, you are struggling with an odd kind of identity crisis, as you change, as family dynamics change, and your own longings start to surface.

In our busyness and our effort-driven lives, it’s so easy to lose that sense of who we are and Whose we are; it’s so easy to define ourselves by our titles, our labels, our work, and our roles.

In this episode, I have a suggestion, however, for a way to get to the bottom of your identity crisis. Hint: The One who made you knows who you really are, and that you were created, above all–for joy.

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