Podcast Episode 10: Lower Your Standards

    May 11, 2020

    You may or may not have standards.

    I’m guessing that you do, at least about some parts of life. For the sake of joy, though, I’m going to ask you to lower them in one part of your life: entertaining.

    Some of you love to entertain, and do so with exuberant anticipation of fixing the house and fixing the food. It is not stressful in the least for you, only exciting. So, to be honest, I may not be talking to you.

    I am, however, definitely talking to all you self-proclaimed domestic disasters who will probably tell me that your bar in this realm couldn’t get any lower, but I will challenge that, and ask you to try limbo-ing down another notch…because I can almost guarantee that as your standards lower, your spirits will rise.

    I learned this the easy way: by hosting a Tacky Party.

    Instructions for that are in this episode, but just in case you have more class than I do, remember this: It’s most important to honor your own uniqueness here, and your joy will energize and bless your guests long after they say good night.

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