Podcast Episode 16: Embrace the Unexpected

    Jun 22, 2020

    You’ve been confronted by the unexpected before.
    Maybe it was a delightful surprise, and maybe it wasn’t. But in all of this life–in difficult moments as well as the light-hearted ones–it pays to expect (and even welcome) the unexpected.
    Okay, so maybe the unexpected comes in the form of a big brown furry animal…or getting lost in the woods. For many hours. With no food or water. But there are compelling reasons to embrace the possibilities of an adventure that’s not on your map. Just you wait (and listen) and see.


    Make a Joy Box for Someone You Care About

    Know someone who’s going through a tough time right now or want to celebrate some goodness happening in a friend’s life?

    Get some ideas for making a joy box that will definitely brighten the day--and maybe even the life--of someone you care about. I’ve saved you the headspace of trying to “think up” a special gift of encouragement.

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