Podcast Episode 19-Tell Me Something Good

    Jul 13, 2020

    So the title of this episode is “Tell Me Something Good.”

    You’re already singing the song in your head, aren’t you?

    Me too.

    Which is great, because focusing on something good in the middle of bad or even blah can be life-changing and joy-producing.

    Easier said than done, you say, and you’re absolutely right.

    Maybe your mind is a whirling dervish, bouncing around the room and off walls, jumping in and out of windows and slamming doors. You’re thinking about–oh, you name it:

    all the stuff you have to do,
    all the stuff that isn’t right in the world,
    all the stuff that isn’t right in your life,
    all the stuff that should be but isn’t.

    I don’t claim to have the cure for the Tasmanian devil that’s running rampant all over your head and heart. But sometimes you just want a little taste of “all’s right with the world,” just a taste of some positive in the middle of all the crazy.


    In this episode, I have something to offer you that might do just that.

    Make a Joy Box for Someone You Care About

    Know someone who’s going through a tough time right now or want to celebrate some goodness happening in a friend’s life?

    Get some ideas for making a joy box that will definitely brighten the day--and maybe even the life--of someone you care about. I’ve saved you the headspace of trying to “think up” a special gift of encouragement.

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