Podcast Episode 20-Ask for Help

    Jul 20, 2020

    Oh, how we hate being needy.

    And by “we” I mean me, and quite possibly you. Maybe your first inclination in difficulty, like mine, is to announce, ‘I’m FINE!” to the general public, even if you’re not.

    Fall down a flight of stairs? You’re FINE!

    Just have a baby or two? You’re sleep-deprived, hormonal, overwhelmed and exhausted, but you’re FINE!

    All manner of mayhem swirling around you? There are ways that someone could assist you, but you don’t ask because you don’t want to bother anyone, and besides, really, you’re FINE!

    If you are that person, let me invite you to take a deep breath, and consider the possibility that you might not be entirely FINE.

    As a result of breaking a leg and learning to say, “Yes, thank you,” I now know this: When we let someone else help us, we create an environment that is ripe for joy–times two!

    This episode could give you the “permission” you need to ask for help–and give someone else the joy of lending you a hand!

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