Podcast Episode 27: Take A Playful Risk

    Sep 7, 2020

    I believe we take playful risks far too infrequently and as a result, miss out on much ordinary joy.

    Many people–maybe you, and certainly me–fancy themselves as adventurous risk takers. but, honestly, most of us are really chickens at heart, a little bit (or a lot) afraid of failing or looking like goofballs.

    Such was the case when I signed up once for a program sponsored by our Department of Game and Inland Fisheries called Becoming an Outdoors Woman in Virginia. It was a weekend full of classes ranging from canoeing to pistol shooting. 

    The day I arrived, I was all set to sign up for an outdoor cooking class, but the high ropes course kept calling my name.  Pushing through my fear, I kept telling myself,  “What’s a high ropes course but a low ropes course, just higher off the ground, right?”

    Let’s just say it was more of an adventure than I bargained for–one that involved a fair amount of trepidation, embarrassment, and super-awkward body configurations…but there was a payoff at the end full of exuberance and a Tarzan yodel that made it worth it all.

    Is there a “risk” that’s been sitting around in your heart, waiting for permission to come out and play?

    This episode just might convince you that it’s time to step out and do your own Tarzan yodel…whatever it is!

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