Podcast Episode 29: An Unofficial, Incomplete Guide To Finding Joy During A Pandemic

    Sep 21, 2020

    By now you are thoroughly acquainted with The Pandemic. 

    It seemed like it descended so quickly…and then refused to leave, lingering on and on, like Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: uninvited, rude, inappropriate, and unsettling, making you want to just pack up and run away. Somewhere. Anywhere out of its reach. 

    And even though I recorded this weeks before you’ll hear it, I’m guessing that you’re still dealing with the lifestyle, and you’re just–understandably–over it. 

    If so, while we wait for the other side of this thing, may I offer you a little encouragement in the form of a few helpful hints for finding some joy in the midst of pandemic unknowns? 

    I learned these from another unfortunate incident of my own, which involved an unexpected stay at a shelter and a lack of clean underwear…but a safe (albeit convoluted) passage to the other side of crisis.

    Just be assured, friends, you too, will arrive on the other side of this crisis. Somehow, some way, some day, you will look back on a road full of detours, twists and turns, unexpected potholes, and–maybe just as unexpected–beautiful scenery. 

    This episode will give you some help with that.

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