Podcast Episode 31: Have Yourself An Adventure

    Oct 5, 2020

    Has adventure ever called your name–beyond logical reason? In the middle of unlikely circumstances? Unexpectedly?

    Sometimes it happens like that–not the rock climbing kind, or bungee-jumping kind or the dance like no one is watching kind–but rather the invitation to jump into a journey whose path and ending are unclear, at best.

    Sometimes, those adventures are the best–although not the most “comfortable”!

    In this episode, I’ll tell you about how my inconvenient medical need in a foreign country allowed me to pretend I was on a car chase in a James Bond movie…which is a fairly awesome reward in itself for taking a chance on “adventure.” But there was so much more that little foray into the unknown produced.

    This episode is your encouragement–your permission slip–to step out into risk to experience something very remarkable.

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