Podcast Episode 33: Forgive Somebody

    Oct 19, 2020

    Somebody do you wrong?

    Trick question. I know the answer.

    Because if you’re breathing, somebody somewhere at some time has done something to hurt you.

    So here’s a non-trick question: Have you forgiven the perpetrator of your pain?

    Let me be clear about what we’re dealing with in our time here: There’s the big stuff, the stories of amazing people who have forgiven the hideous injustices, unthinkable acts and life-altering wrongs slapped against them. That is a subject that has filled entire volumes, by people who know way more than I do about forgiveness on an epic level.

    But I’m inviting you to start small.

    I’m talking about the little things that nestle into your memory for days or months or years. Those little digs are part of everybody’s story. And there’s joy in letting go of that angry, squinty-eyed resentment that’s been stewing in your soul for quite a while.

    The good news: You don’t have to forget to forgive, and let your soul breathe. Listen in to find out why…

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