Podcast Episode 34: Say “Yes”

    Oct 26, 2020

    When I first saw the movie Chariots of Fire, I was inspired by Eric Liddell’s giftedness as a runner, and even more enchanted by his words, “When I run I feel God’s pleasure.”

    How magnificent would it be, I thought, to feel God’s pleasure in a parallel universe of endorphin-induced euphoria?

    So when my friend Beth came to me one day saying, “Hey, there’s a 10K training team forming at church to run the race in May. Let’s join up together,” my first inclination was to say “no way.” If you’ve been listening to this podcast for long, you’ve heard a number of stories that demonstrate my lack of athletic prowess. (Just check out Episodes 27 and 14 and 3. )

    But I accepted the invitation, and said yes…and even though it didn’t go exactly as I had pictured in my mind, I was glad I did.

    What would be possible if you said “Yes” to an opportunity for joy–even in the most unlikely circumstances?

    Have a listen to find out how one “yes” can shine a light into even the darkest places.

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