Podcast episode 36: Wait creatively

    Nov 9, 2020

    What are you waiting for?

    A soul mate?
    A baby?
    Test results?
    The end of chemo?
    The end of this pandemic? (I know. Who isn’t?)

    Waiting is not easy. But I’m just about convinced that how we wait is really how we live because, well, who isn’t waiting for something? All the time?

    I think it helps to know there’s actually a rhythm to the art of waiting. You may know this if you’ve ever experienced, say, a power outage during a storm, because

    these waves of waiting for the power to return aren’t really much different than they are when we’re waiting for just about anything else.

    There’s hope, then despair;
    Excitement, then boredom;
    Fear, then peace;
    “Oh no!” followed by “Thank you, God!” followed by “”How long, O Lord?”

    Listen in to find out how we can make a creative adventure out of the whole thing–and not waste the wait.

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