Podcast episode 37: Celebrate your now

    Nov 16, 2020

    For the past few years I have noticed a disturbing trend in even the most playful of people: we are quintessential celebration waiters, forever waiting till life’s “big moments” to celebrate in a big way. We wait until golden or silver anniversaries, until big accomplishments or promotions, until announcements that people are moving away, until birthdays that end in a zero.

    But please. In this episode, allow me to make a case for experiencing raucous joy by celebrating what is right in front of you–whenever it is, whatever it is.

    Because some of your most momentous occasions just might be spent toasting nonaccomplishments, small moments, birthdays that end in odd numbers and totally illegitimate holidays.

    None of these occasions, however, can come close to being as offbeat as the gathering that honored a precious woman named Carolyn: she had the unparalleled opportunity to party at her own funeral before she died.

    Yes, she did. 

    Listen in to learn about how commemorating odd things at odd times can be a life-affirming, joy-producing exercise in itself–one that reminds us that God is all over our lives, and that every occasion deserves to be a special one.

    Note: Lamkin, James. “The Last Dance.” (Originally published on December 16, 1996, in the newsletter of the Ravensworth Baptist Church, Annandale, Virginia)

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