Podcast episode 38: Thank God for weird stuff

    Nov 23, 2020

    In the book 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life, author Tommy Newberry talks about mental discipline.

    I know. Mental discipline does not sound like joy. Mental discipline does not sound like fun. Mental discipline sounds like low-carb thinking, denying your mind the perverse pleasure of plotting revenge on someone who has been mean to you, or telling yourself that life is beautiful even if it’s currently just awful.

    But I couldn’t get one sentence out of my mind: “Though God’s grace doesn’t demand mental discipline, living a life of joyful excellence must be preceded by it.”

    In other words, mental discipline–our willingness to focus our minds in a positive direction–is necessary for living a life of joyful excellence.

    Maybe your mind needs a positive direction this season, a fresh way of thinking about your current circumstances that generates hope and… well…joy.

    Come along with me to share the experience of reconciling myself to the need for a hip replacement, waking up during surgery (not to worry–the drugs were excellent. I was totally happy.) and having a short conversation with the surgeon.

    Our perspective on the crummy stuff of life can make such a difference…


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