Podcast Episode 44: Grow Your Sense of Humor

    Jan 4, 2021

    Anybody ever said, when something really irritating is happening to you, “You’ll laugh about this some day?”

    It’s maddening, and you may not have liked it then.

    But cultivating a sense of humor in less than humorous circumstances can help you preserve at least a little bit of joy.

    Of course, we don’t have to deny the negative side of serious circumstances. But neither do we have to deny the opportunity to find a little levity lying in there somewhere…because even if you didn’t find it funny when your unfortunate incident happened, you might laugh when you tell the story a few weeks later. Why? We find minor misfortune  funnier as time passes.

    So, when something stressful happens, ask, “Will I think any part of this is funny in a week or a month?” Give yourself permission to experience that reaction now.

    Tune in to hear some stories that bear witness to that advice, and maybe even discover that God’s gift of humor can bring your soul back to life.


    Eurich, Tasha.. “Laughter: The Surprising Secret to Surviving Tough Times”:  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/laughter-the-surprising-s_b_5651354

    Laugh for Chuckles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJny78bpsgo

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