Podcast Episode 53: Listen To Your Longings

    Mar 8, 2021

    What are you longing for these days?

    Being able to gather with people without fear? 

    The ability to play the drums?

    A nap?

    A doughnut? Maybe a dozen?

    Longings sometimes have a bad reputation for seeming selfish or superficial but they are possibly a path to your joy. 

    It may be a rather indirect path…but it pays to listen and follow.

    Because, as author Nicole Johnson says in her book Fresh Brewed Life,

    “Longings challenge us to be more than evaluators or spectators; they call us to be participators in our very existence…God does not intend us to cut off our longings or live in fear of them. He gave them to us. They call us to Him.”

    In this episode, we’ll explore a couple ways you might get back in touch with your longings–maybe those from childhood, or from early adulthood, or even one or two you might have discovered yesterday–and help you live in the profound joy you were created for.

    Make a Joy Box for Someone You Care About

    Know someone who’s going through a tough time right now or want to celebrate some goodness happening in a friend’s life?

    Get some ideas for making a joy box that will definitely brighten the day--and maybe even the life--of someone you care about. I’ve saved you the headspace of trying to “think up” a special gift of encouragement.

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