Podcast Episode 64: Find Your Purpose

    May 24, 2021

    One Thanksgiving a couple years ago, Ben and I were hosting dinner, and as I wondering what to offer for after-dinner entertainment (besides a food coma),  I had an idea. I thought it would be a good opportunity for a history lesson for the youngsters in the family, so I hauled out The Barbie Game from my girlhood. (Yes, I still had it!)

    That night we hooted and hollered about the outdated ludicrousness of such Neanderthal notions as needing a steady boyfriend and a dress to reach the pinnacle of bliss in life: being Queen of the Prom. 

    Of course, now we all know that you are more than your date to the prom, the clothes you wear, the office you hold, or even whether you are crowned queen.

    You are more than your ability to look good; you are more than your education (or lack of formal education); you are more than awards you have or haven’t won; the “job” you had or have or never had.

    But sometimes, at a certain season of life, you may be wondering about your contribution to this world and the lives of others, with your subconscious sending irritating messages that tell you that you need to be a club president, have some great clothes, a steady love interest and confirmation of your massive popularity.

    If you have just changed jobs or retired or are some kind of limbo (maybe like the kind we talked about in Episode 55, on transitions), you may be searching for your path from here on out.

    Well, I think that one of the best paths to your purpose is to honor your Creator by living out your wiring. 

    Here’s some help with that…

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