Podcast Episode 66: Put Yourself Out There

    Jun 7, 2021

    Have you ever been hesitant to “put yourself out there”?

    For our purposes here, let’s define “put yourself out there” as a willingness to make yourself known in some way.

    For instance, you may have lived a story that could really help someone—or a lot of someones—and “putting yourself out there” would involve your willingness to actually tell it.

    Yes, it makes you vulnerable, maybe nervous about what people will think of you, or insecure about your ability to articulate it well or stand in front of people to share. 

    And yet—putting yourself out there in this way could change a life—or many lives.

    There are other ways of putting yourself out there, too—like maybe starting a business, playing your music for someone, learning to dance, joining a meetup group, making art, seeking a relationship, telling the truth…

    Granted, none are without risk.

    But, quite probably, if you don’t offer your gifts, you will miss the best party ever. 

    This episode will show you why.


    Gilbert, Elizabeth. Big Magic. New York:  Riverhead Books, 2015. 

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