Podcast Episode 67: Reflect On The Past Year

    Jun 14, 2021

    This past year, as you know, has been challenging, and as we step tentatively toward a different future, it reminds me a little of childbirth.

    You’re probably wondering why.

    It’s because not long ago I was thinking about this:

    One year our church was sponsoring a women’s retreat titled Trusting God in the Ups and Downs of Life. I was in charge of finding a drama and designing a set to enhance the theme. I ultimately decided on a great sketch titled No More Womb, where the two main characters are unborn twins, hanging out in utero.

    Designing the set turned out to be a challenge since, let’s be honest, the requirements were fairly weird.  But you can listen to that story in this episode. 

    Here’s the point: These unborn twins talked about all they looked forward to when they would finally emerge from their safe space. Then their conversation turned toward their anxieties about entering the outside world.

    Their anxieties are not unlike our own in this era of pandemic uncertainty and scary unknowns.

    So it might be a good idea—before we move any further forward—to take stock of where we’ve been this past year, and how we want to move into the “emerging from Covid” world.

    I have some questions for you to consider, to help you process what you’ve been through so far…and then emerge into a hopeful future.


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