Podcast Episode 72: Hug

    Jul 19, 2021

    Are you a “hugger”–someone whose natural inclination is to hug people in sorrow and gladness, and just as an informal greeting, just because?

    Or maybe you’re more inclined to shy away from the big squeeze?

    Soon after my husband and I were married, it became evident to me that we had been born into differing “family hug” cultures. My family was not stingy with affection, but I learned right away that Ben’s people hugged ALL the time. They hugged hello. They hugged goodbye. They hugged in between. When we visited them, I occasionally found myself retreating to the bathroom just to get a little space.

    Mind you, I loved these folks right from the start, and totally understood being glad to see people you love after being apart. There’s nothing like reunions that are joyful and exuberant and celebrative. And expressions of gladness after separation are natural and right.

    But I had a hard time believing anybody could be THAT glad to see me because wow…we lived across the street, people. We saw them every day.

    So if you are not prone to excessive hugging, I get it.

    But consider this: During this past year, when we were limited in who we could hug, for safety’s sake, we may have lost some significant ground when it comes to our health, because the emotional and even physical benefits of hugging are many.

    And the huggee doesn’t even have to be human.

    For a little motivation to get your arms going, have a listen.


    Lonely from Social Distancing? Here’s One of Our Favorite Videos of Humanity Hugging It Out.  


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    Gormley, Kellie B. Cow Cuddling Has Become a Thing for Lonely Hearts in the Pandemic. Cow cuddling has become a thing for lonely hearts in the pandemic

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