Podcast Episode 73: Chill

    Jul 26, 2021

    Hey, are you finding yourself kind of uptight these days?

    You might just want to stop that.

    Author Marilyn Meberg says, When we take ourselves and life too seriously, we miss opportunities for a good laugh, and the tension this produces can kill future laughs before they are even born. A good laugh can make us relax or ‘mellow out.’

    But there are times when we just take some things way more seriously than they deserve to be taken, and we turn away joy that could have been ours.

    So when your first inclination is to get a little spun up, you might want to keep in mind that this could very well be an opportunity for a little delight,

    And as a result, you might then ask yourself, “Ya know, lots of things in this world are worth getting upset about. Is this really one of them?”

    And then, just maybe you will determine that your honest answer to that is “Well, no, not really.” 

    Then you will be able to practice your relax, with a smile.

    Here’s a story that will help you exercise some chill.


    Meberg, Marilyn. Choosing the Amusing. Thomas Nelson, Inc. 1999

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