Podcast Episode 74: Find Joy In Your Physical Pain

    Aug 2, 2021

    Pain is a pain.

    Whether your pain is short or long term, it’s no fun, and a thief of your joy. It can make you become not you–or at least the very worst version of you.

    It takes over your mind and spirit as well as your body, and like many other bad things that happen, you just don’t know why God is allowing it. If it’s to “teach you a lesson,” you are most willing to learn it, for crying out loud, and move on.

    But no, it drags on, starting out like a pesky fly with an annoying buzz that eventually evolves into an albatross that’s flapping around on your head, making you blind to everything but itself.

    Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

    But here’s what I know, my friend. As restrictive as pain is, and boy is it ever, making you curl up in on yourself, in order to not be miserable 24 hours a day, you must find a way to invite joy into your life, to walk alongside your body pain. Because joy is expansive. Joy opens up your soul. You need to find joy now more than ever.

    But how to do this?

    I have two suggestions that just might make the journey of pain a little more bearable for you. Listen in…


    Bessey, Sarah. Miracles and Other Reasonable Things. Howard Books, 2019.

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