Podcast Episode 75: Cry

    Aug 9, 2021

    Ever feel like crying, but instead you made a heroic effort to stifle your tears?

    You may have been overcome with the urge to unleash the waterworks for a variety of reasons. Maybe you were feeling sentimental, frustrated, angry, grief-stricken or even happy.

    It doesn’t seem to matter, though, why we feel that urge, we resist it with all our might.

    Why do we go to such great lengths to avoid letting people see us cry?

    In this episode, we’ll explore a few possible explanations for that, including the ever-prevalent dread most of us have of letting anyone see us in the middle of the iconic “ugly cry.”

    But then, I’ll toss you a few actual physical and emotional benefits of crying, giving you permission–even encouragement–to let it go. Listen in!


    John 11:35 – Jesus wept.

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    Sollitto, Marlo. Go Ahead, Have a Good Cry: 5 Reasons Why It’s Good for You.


    Ugly Cry:


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