Podcast Episode 81: Get Physical

    Sep 20, 2021

    How would you describe your high school Phys. Ed. Experience? 

    I asked this question on social media recently, and also read an article in The Atlantic about it. The responses had some common themes. And it was obvious that physical education was apparently a rather emotional experience for a lot of people.

    Some folks had a really good time in this class. But wow, I was surprised at the negative memories so many of you have.

    And I understand this, since I myself was not inclined to athletic prowess in high school.

    It was later in adulthood before I finally figured out that–although not all of us are athletes (most notably me), and not all of us just love exercise, God created us as physical beings, and there’s much joy in moving your body…whatever your preferences or even your ability.

    What about you? You may have discovered, at this point, a way of being physical–a walk, maybe, yes, or a new sport, but if not that, a way of moving around in the world feeds your soul. 

    Even if you have physical restrictions, more often than you might think, they’re not so limiting that it can’t be viewed through a different lens.

    How could you learn a new way–or even revisit an old way–to be physical…with whatever wakes up a few endorphins in that body of yours?

    Get some ideas in this episode…


    Austin, Sue. Deep Sea Diving…In a Wheelchair. TEDx Women 2012. 

    “Letters: ‘The P.E. I Was Exposed to Was Not Evil, Just Sad.’” The Atlantic, February 4, 2019.

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