Podcast Episode 84: Live Like Your Favorite Movie

    Oct 11, 2021

    If you were to make a list of your top ten favorite movies, which ones would be on that list?

    And why?

    What if I told you that when you’re watching a movie, you may think you’re just passively taking in some entertainment, but consider this: I believe that deep in the belly of your favorite movies sits a key to living a life of joy.

    Often we watch movies that feed what’s missing in our lives, or at least what needs a boost.

    More humor and play? More romance? More excitement and adrenaline? More courage to defend what’s right, in spite of ridiculous odds?

    It’s worth paying attention to what you’re craving, and then asking yourself an important question from author Jon Acuff:  Right now, if you were watching a movie of your life, would you cheer?

    This episode can help you with that…


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