Podcast Episode 85: Make Joy the Whole Game

Last January, I was pretending to be interested in watching the Super Bowl, when one of the ads made me literally sit up, take notice and thank the Lord for beer commercials.

It was an advertisement for Michelob, and the only moment during the whole evening I actually cheered with sincerity, when I heard this:

What if we were wrong this whole time? Wrong in thinking that joy happens only at the end? After the sacrifice? After the commitment? After the win? What if happiness has always been there, fueling the run toward greatness? It’s not a distraction, but instead something more vital? What if joy is the whole game–not just the end game? 

Oh, the brilliance.

Today I’m inviting you to consider this: When we are only concerned with the final outcome of whatever we’re doing, we miss out on the delights along the way to the end.

There’s a lot to be said for embracing the joy of the whole game.

Find out why–and how–here…


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