Podcast Episode 89: Fall Down. Then Get Up.

    Nov 15, 2021

    Ignoring good advice often has a price. 

    Maybe you already knew this.

    Maybe you have your own stories of your own failure to heed good advice.

    Times when you were a kid, maybe, and plunged headlong into a dumb adventure before your brain had finished growing? 

    And it doesn’t end when your brain actually finishes growing. 

    Because maybe you have fallen. Maybe in a relationship.  Maybe in a career move.  Maybe someone told you not to “go there” and you went there anyway. 

    And when you found yourself splayed out at the bottom of the stairs, embarrassed and shaken up, maybe you were tempted to just roll yourself across the floor and up onto the couch. But I urge you–get up. 

    And may I suggest that thereafter, actually heeding good advice can actually be a good idea.

    Here’s why…


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    Garvin, David A. and Joshua D. Margolis. “Power and Influence: The Art of Giving and Receiving Advice.” Harvard Business Review, January/February 2015.


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