Podcast Episode 93: Receive

    Dec 13, 2021

    What’s the most hideous gift you’ve ever received? And exactly how did you receive it? 

    Some people are really bad at hiding their amusement, disappointment, disgust, or disbelief. These people should take a cue from my mom who, every year when I gave her a tacky corsage to wear for Christmas, accepted my offering like it was a diamond from Tiffany’s, and actually wore it on her coat that season. 

    And she did it because–news flash–she was my mother, and that’s what mothers are prone to do. They know that the gift itself isn’t even a little bit important; it’s the relationship–the love made tangible that makes a tacky present so sweet.

    Many mothers have perfected the art of “receiving well”–because–hear me–they love the heart of the giver

    We should watch and learn.

    I know–it’s not always that easy when you’re gift-interacting with adults. But here are some tools to help you “receive” like a champ!


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