Podcast Episode 97: Ask a Life-Changing Question: “What Feeds Your Soul?”

You may know that my definition of joy is Deep delight that feeds your soul.

Sometimes soul-filling comes from external sources, extraordinarily happy circumstances: at a wedding, from the birth of children, having work you love, an exciting opportunity.  

But more often you’ll likely find that soul-filling is an inside job, independent of circumstances.

So rather than trying to force a mindset that sends you through the jungle of life with a machete, whacking at every weed in your way, on a desperate hunt for soul-filling joy, I think you’re more likely to find your most satisfying soul food if you practice paying attention to what’s going on inside you, your own responses of delight. 

Because soul-filling can be a very personal thing–what fills yours might actually drain mine–it helps to spend some time answering three simple questions:

In this episode, we’ll talk about what those questions are, and how profoundly your answers can affect your life.


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