Podcast Episode 99: Ask a Life-Changing Question: “What Breaks Your Heart?”

What breaks your heart?

It’s a dangerous, dangerous question, says Andy Stanley. And instead of going into this year asking the question that most people will ask, what can I do about me and what should I do about me? What if we asked the question what should be done around me?

Because here’s the truth: if you really wanted to become a better person this year, then do something this year that makes the world a better place. 

All of us have the potential to find someone whose heart is where our heart is and to join them in the grand adventure of making a difference in the world.

And then Andy Stanley makes an unforgettable, trajectory-changing statement:

You have no idea what hangs in the balance of your decision to embrace the burden God has put on your heart.

In this episode, you’ll find inspiration that will enable you to wake up next January, and look back on the most extraordinary year of your life because you set about reacquainting yourself with your own heart…and found yourself willing to let it break so someone else could heal.


CASA: https://nationalcasagal.org

Celebrate RVA: https://www.celebraterva.org/aboutus/#about-mission

Stanley, Andy.  “Re:Solution, Part 1. The Better Question.” It’s Your Move with Andy Stanley.

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