Podcast Episode 100: Ask a Life-Changing Question: “Why Not?”

    Jan 31, 2022

    Have you ever passed up an opportunity for joy because it was a little out of your ordinary?

    Have you ever asked, “Why should I do this?” when maybe you should have asked, “Why not?”

    Author and speaker Luci Swindoll was, in my opinion, the Queen of living the question “Why not?” She’s been described like this: With God as her foundation, Luci creatively and artfully shows us how to wrestle to the ground those joy stealers and then to get on with celebrating life. 

    And though she passed away in October of 2020, her legacy and inspiration live on and on in this story from her life that will inspire us for the rest of ours.  

    I can’t wait for you to listen…and laugh…and start asking “Why not?’ yourself.


    I transcribed this story from a CASSETTE TAPE called Tell Me that was sold at a Women of Faith Event years ago. My research has failed to discover it in digital form!

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