Podcast Episode 101: Release Your Stress

    Feb 7, 2022

    I had a dream as a child–not to be a great scientist or an astronaut or a superhero; not to discover a cure for an incurable disease or go to the moon. No, my childhood dream–so much humbler than those–was to break dishes.

    To be clear, I was not an angry child, and I didn’t have anxiety issues. Ask anyone who knew me back then. I don’t know where this latent desire came from. All I know is that I remember fantasizing about going out to our driveway or the sidewalk with a stack of glass dishes, and smashing them on the ground, in one satisfying crash after another.

    Anyway, I saw an opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream around April 2020, when my cousin Emily and I were texting back and forth, in our “beginning of the pandemic distress,” saying that when things opened back up, we needed to go to a RageRVA, a rage room in our city, and release some pent-up anxiety.

    We did, and it was glorious.

    There are a number of ways to release ongoing pandemic stress, and we’ll investigate one of the most effective in this episode. It may or may not involve breaking dishes in a rage room.

    Listen in if you need a little release these days.

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