Podcast Episode 104: Be Resilient

    Feb 28, 2022

    The story I’ll tell you in this episode is, I’ll admit, unbelievable, but I promise every word of it is true.

    I know a guy who was once featured in the National Enquirer, and then again in Sports Illustrated, and then again in a number of newspapers. Because he was someone who–at twelve years old–was a model of resilience, the definition of “rally,” the embodiment of “down for a while, but not down for the count.” Because he was hit by a train.

    Resilience doesn’t even begin to describe the spirit of this young man and his ability to find joy on the very long, excruciating journey to recovery. His example teaches us how to bounce back–even if it’s a slow bounce–in a most sacred and wonderful way. 


    “Back in Action,” Sports Illustrated, July 11, 1977.

    Lee, Ingrid Fetell. Ask Ingrid: How Do I Find Joy When I’m Stressed and Overwhelmed? Aesthetics of Joy Blog, March 12, 2019. 


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