Podcast Episode 108: Use Your Whole Heart

    Mar 28, 2022

    There are times when “good enough” is good enough.

    But when it comes to the trajectory of your life, it pays to ask yourself, “What deserves my whole heart?” I mean, who wants to look back on life and say, “Awesome. I really did a half-hearted job of that.”

    Sometimes what deserves your whole heart is humble, like a task in front of you–washing dishes or changing diapers or cleaning the house or taking a child to the playground. Sometimes it involves more humans–like a cause or your calling to serve, like Selma Koch, whose 2003 obituary in the New York Times begins like this:

    Selma Koch, a Manhattan store owner who earned a national reputation by helping women find the right bra size, mostly through a discerning glance and never with a tape measure, died Thursday at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She was 95 and a 34B.

    In this week’s episode, you’ll get to know this amazing lady and let her inspire you to pay attention to your heart, and follow the whole of it to bring joy to others, and then back to you.


    Make a Joy Box for Someone You Care About: https://jillbaughan.com/joy-box/

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