Podcast Episode 109: Be Bored

    Apr 4, 2022

    Boredom has a bad rap, and I understand why.

    Honestly, who wants to be bored? Who wants to see a boring movie, read a boring book, be a boring person? Yawn. Not me.

    Most people I know are not bored for lack of something to do. It’s often more a matter of situational boredom. Stuff we have to do that’s boring.

    Like waiting–in line, at the doctor’s office, for a friend who’s late.

    Or how about tasks we find boring, like folding laundry or cleaning house, or attending a meeting whose content you find dreadfully dull?

    And many of us have experience with working a job we find boring.

    But in this episode, you’ll find out why and how being bored can be a good thing for your mind, imagination and productivity, and how it can surprise you by adding all kinds of joy to your day–if you do it right.

    Listen in!


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