Podcast Episode 112: Give a Compliment

    Apr 25, 2022

    Writer Ama Scriver tells us, There’s something powerful in giving and receiving compliments. Studies show compliments have the ability to create positive energy in people and, for lack of a better word, light up your brain in all the right places. 

    Which seems obvious to most of us, and pretty simple to do.

    Giving genuine compliments, however, is actually a skill, and one that doesn’t always come easily. In this episode, you’ll find some guidelines for giving compliments that really do nurture people–and even a few tips for what NOT to say, good as your intentions might be.

    Like the poor, well-meaning guy who said, “Years ago I told my wife that I was glad she doesn’t have a scrawny figure, that I appreciated her Rubenesque build, and I didn’t understand the popular attraction to skinny models. My comment didn’t go over well.”

    Wow. Too bad he didn’t listen to this episode before he dropped that unfortunate bomb.

    Keeping it simple and specific is key. Find out how here.


    Make a Joy Box for Someone You Care About: https://jilbaughan.com/joy-box

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