Bonus Podcast Episode: Finding Joy in the Journey through Cancer

    May 4, 2022

    According to Lori Margo, “Life is hard and God is incredible.”

    Both phrases are true and happening simultaneously.

    “That’s my story,” she says.

    “I’ve had hard things come my way AND I’ve experienced the faithfulness of God alongside the pain and suffering. He met me where I was and brought peace as I held the pieces of a life I never imagined for myself.

    “Those pieces include losing my mom to cancer when I was 22 and she was only 46. I felt completely cheated out of a lifetime of getting to know her.

    “I would go on to face my own cancer battle, even having one of my surgeries land on my mom’s birthday. Talk about being overcome with fear as I found myself in some of the same doctor’s offices she had been in!

    “It wasn’t enough to just say, ‘God is at work in this.’ I had to engage my heart and mind to look for Him, even on the days when I questioned his goodness. I had to intentionally choosing to trust the character of God more than my life circumstances.”

    Her message–especially in her program, Tracking God–is one of hope for anyone who must deal with the challenges of cancer.

    And her thoughts about permission to confess your doubts, unload the burdens you were never meant to carry, and about finding God in the middle of crisis, may be just what you or someone you know needs to hear…

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