Podcast Episode 117: Make Something

    May 30, 2022

    One fall my husband and I took a trip to the mountains of Virginia, and before we left, I was determined to take no pictures of the usual “scenic wonders” this time: no fall foliage, no wildlife, no expansive vistas. I only wanted pictures of the stupid, the silly, and the odd stuff that I would typically glimpse at, maybe comment on, and then pass by.

    Only this time, I wasn’t going to pass by; I was going to stop, aim my camera and relish the “view.”

    May I just say, I wasn’t disappointed.

    We were about two hours into the trip, truly out in the middle of nowhere, when I spotted a sign that looked like it came straight out of Bedrock, where the Flintstones lived. And there, larger than life were the stony letters that spelled “FOAMHENGE.”

    Have a listen to find out how artist Mark Cline’s Stonehenge lookalike has brought joy to thousands, and what you have in common with him…and Dolly Parton…and James Patterson…and why you, too, must follow their example. Healing, laughter, delight, comfort and God only knows what else that can be born from your willingness to making something…out of nothing.


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