Podcast Episode 133: Stick a Little Umbrella in it

    Oct 17, 2022

    “Hey!” I said to myself one day last summer. “Let’s kick off a fun July 4th weekend with a colonoscopy!”

    Well, okay, it didn’t exactly happen like that. I was due for this treat, we were going to be in town and I wanted to get it over with. 

    I promise this isn’t the real subject of this episode, but just hang with me and you’ll walk away with something valuable. 

    What I dreaded most wasn’t even the procedure; it was the prep. And for the uninitiated, un-old of you, the prep generally involves drinking and drinking and drinking a bunch of liquid—water and some cocktail of ingredients designed to clean your clock, so to speak.

    As I was girding up my psychological loins for this process, I thought, “Okay, Joy Lady, you need to figure out how to add some positive to this party.

    And I did. You can find out exactly how by listening to this episode, but you’ll also hear how a few other people did, too.  And I’ll bet you have a few of those yourself. 

    Listen in for a little inspiration to “stick a little umbrella” into the “I’d rather nots” of this ol’ life.

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