Podcast Episode 136: Be More than a Hunka Burnin’ Love

Years ago, I had the privilege of hopping onto a Harley with Elvis.

Not the real one (Elvis, that is. It was, indeed, a real Harley.) but an amazing imitation.

And it was probably just about the last place many people would expect to see an amazing imitation of Elvis—at a national conference for Baptist ministry assistants, where I was one of the speakers.

The opening night of the conference, as I made my way to the gym, I was looking forward to lots of food, lots of music, lots of free stuff and lots of fun. However, as soon as I walked in, I heard some major shrieking and screaming. Alarmed, and fearing that some catastrophe was in process, I asked my friend, “What’s going on?” to which she replied, “Elvis.”

Yes, Elvis was “going on,” in the corner of the room. And he was “going on” with a whole bunch of church ladies. It was a sight to behold, sing about his inability to keep himself from “falling in love with you.”

Imagine my surprise when I asked someone, “Who is he, really?” and she told me, “Oh, he’s a minister. This is his other job.”

And at that moment, I thought I would actually die with delight, if that’s possible. Really, who would even think about dozing in the pew, with Elvis in the pulpit, right?

So of course, a few days after the conference, I had to talk with this guy, and when I did, he left me totally inspired.

Listen in for your own inspiration to take what makes your heart sing and lift the spirits of someone whose heart is heavy right now.


“Elvis Impersonator to Present July 3 Concert July 3.” KPC News, February 28, 2006. (I know. I’m still trying to figure that headline out…) https://www.kpcnews.com/article_a714fa40-6398-5c3d-8a65-40949dffd1b3.html

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