Bonus Podcast Episode: Finding Joy in the Journey Through Trauma and Abuse

    Dec 7, 2022

    Angie Baughman is a trauma and abuse survivor who speaks openly about her ongoing journey toward deeper healing, which she candidly describes as “slow and fast, painful and joyful, clear and confusing, with ups and downs.”

    But, she says, “through all things, I have decided to continue moving towards connection with Him… and so I aim to live steady on.”

    She’s a licensed pastor trained in leading inductive Bible study through Precept ministries; she’s also the author of two Bible studies, host of the weekly Steady On podcast, and creator of the Step By Step Bible study method.

    Angie regularly writes, speaks and teaches on knowing and living by God’s promises.

    AND ALSO! She loves planning trips to Walt Disney World, sipping cups of hot tea, and watching medical or crime dramas. Angie lives with her husband, Matt and two sons Alex and Josh, in southern Illinois.

    Angie’s thoughts about healing from trauma and abuse, and finding God in the middle of crisis may be just what you or someone you care about needs to hear.

    Listen in to her honest, difficult and remarkable story.


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