Podcast Episode 142: Anticipate Joy

    Jan 16, 2023

    Sometimes the anticipation of suffering worse than the suffering itself. 

    Ever seen a 5-year-old start crying before he even gets a shot? 

    Negative anticipation is powerful.

    But so is anticipation of joy. 

    And I’ll bet you have experienced this too—at least on a temporary basis.

    Maybe you’re a little like Father Mike Schmitz in a recent interview on  an Advent episode of Annie Downs’ podcast, That Sounds Fun, in December. He said this:

    “I don’t like surprises. In two years I’ll turn fifty, and when people say, “Maybe we’ll have a surprise party,” I’m like, “Please don’t. You would ruin my day…because—kind of like the anticipation of suffering is sometimes worse than the suffering itself, likewise, the anticipation of joy sometimes amplifies the actual experience of joy itself.

    As powerful as negative anticipation is, living in anticipation of joy is even more potent, because the anticipation of joy sometimes amplifies the actual experience of joy itself. The getting ready for the celebration is part of the celebration.

    Listen in for some inspiration and concrete ways to live in anticipation of reasons to celebrate, on a moment’s notice, even on ordinary days.



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