Podcast Episode 149: Begin (Because It’s Not Too Late)

    Apr 3, 2023

    Have you ever really wanted to do something, but thought, “Nah, it’s too late in my life for that.”

    Granted, sometimes over time, our physical abilities make certain endeavors unwise. But sometimes we tell ourselves it’s too late to pursue a dream…when it’s not.

    There are the exceptional examples of people who refused to say it’s too late, such as Grandma Moses, the American folk artist who didn’t start painting in earnest until she was 78 years old.

    She exhibited her work internationally until she was in her nineties, and painted until just a few months before her death at 101.  And it’s important to note that she suffered from arthritis since she was in her seventies. At one point, her right hand hurt too much to paint with.

    So, rather than quit, she just switched to her left hand.

    Her paintings are still unbelievably valuable. One piece, called Sugaring Off, was sold for $1.2 million in 2006.

    Amazing. Exceptional. Impressive. Almost unbelievable, that Grandma Moses.

    You may have heard about others who began extraordinary endeavors at advanced ages, and you might think, “Good for them, that’s great. But people like that are special, not like ordinary me.”

    And yet, there’s an ordinary guy who has inspired me even more than these.

    Wait until you hear his story in the episode! I dare you to not be inspired…


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