Podcast Episode 152: When Your Body Betrays You, Decorate It

    Apr 24, 2023

    Like you, probably, I have had to deal with a few bouts of body betrayal—times when the body does not cooperate with the desires of the soul–when your body is not behaving in a manner acceptable to you, and you are over it.

    It may be a serious illness.

    Then again, it may be just about getting older when stuff starts to misfire and malfunction.

    It may be the inability to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy.

    It may be temporary illness—like the flu or a sinus infection or motion sickness when you’re trying to have a good time.

    It might be a broken bone or a food allergy or a slow metabolism.

    And menopause. Let’s throw that mind-bender into the pile.

    Sometimes it’s a disease, sometimes it’s a germ, other times, it’s just parts misbehaving, formed wrong, all whacked out.

    It’s when your body frustrates you or frightens or feels like not your friend.

    In this episode, however, I share a perspective with you that just might help you find some delight in showing up just as you are—and because of that, offer a freedom and lightness to those around you.


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