Podcast Episode 153: Share A Healing Experience

    May 1, 2023

    I had heard of goat yoga, and was really intrigued when I read this description:

    Our one-hour goat yoga class is taught by a certified yoga instructor and offers a deeply rewarding, light-hearted and unique experience. The instructor will take you through a sequence of poses, while adorable baby goats jump, prance, play and kiss all over you. Bring your love for animals, sense of humor and exercise clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. 

    Who could resist this invitation? Not me! So last fall I texted Cousin Emily, whom I knew could also not resist this invitation, and she was in. 

    Once we were in the class at Pactamere Farm, it took about 5 seconds of a tabletop position to find out that if you get on all fours, you will have a goat on your back in short order. Just standing there. For the heck of it. Like goats do. Sometimes jumping from your back to your neighbor’s back.  Also like goats do. Because they can. 

    We could not stop laughing.

    And when we heard the touching story behind this farm—about a widower who had found comfort in the company of animals and decided to share that comfort with the rest of the world— it made me wonder if you, too, might share an experience that helped you heal with a hurting someone on their own journey.

    Listen in for some inspiration to do just that…

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    Goat Yoga RVA. https://goatyogarva.com

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