Podcast Episode 156 (65): Take a Vacation, But Not to Escape (June 2023 edition)

    Jun 5, 2023

    Well, vacation season is beginning,  and I have a challenge for you: Next time you’re in a roomful of people, shout, “Hey, anybody got a vacation disaster story?” 

    You’ll be there all night swapping tales of woe, I promise. This is not to say that vacations are bad—I love them—only that the best way to get ready for one is to  a) live the rest of your mundane life pretending you’re on  one, and b) avoid thinking that you’re on vacation to escape reality.

    Let me explain: a) Haven’t you noticed that when you’re on vacation, you wake up most days in a state of anticipation, looking forward to the day and its promises of delight? This is good; keep doing this. But b) remember that if you can’t play well in the moments and days the rest of the year, my guess is you won’t be very good at vacation.

    The idea of taking a vacation to escape reality is, in my opinion, not only overrated, but also dangerous, mainly because…well…what if it all goes wrong? Or even a little something goes wrong?

    There’s a solution for that, and it’s in this episode…

    Make a Joy Box for Someone You Care About

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