Podcast Episode 157 (13): Make Some Mischief (June 2023 edition)

    Jun 12, 2023

    The art of mischief-making dates back to ancient history–like when I was in middle school, and we spent hours during sleepovers playing Truth or Dare and making prank phone calls. If this sounds like your story too, you–like I–probably matured over the years, and graduated to toilet papering the homes of people you love.

    There’s a time for every activity under heaven, as you and the writer of Ecclesiastes both know. So you also know there’s a time to mourn and a time to laugh. Now I’ll be the first to concede that this author probably did not have practical joking in mind when he wrote Ecclesiastes, but the heart of the message, to me, is this: It’s a beautiful thing to shower this kind of attention on friends–when you’re well enough acquainted with them to know that they would appreciate–and are maybe in desperate need of–a good laugh from somebody who cares whether they smile or not.

    This episode could inspire you to do just that.

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