Podcast Episode 159 (71): Throw Confetti (June 2023 edition)

    Jun 26, 2023

    Ana is a mother who shared this story on Twitter: When her 8-year-old son was buckled into the back seat of their car, he asked his mom, “Is it okay to throw the confetti in my pocket?”

    Her understandable response was, “No, not in the car! Why do you have confetti in your pocket?”

    His answer: “It’s my emergency confetti. I carry it everywhere in case there is good news.”

    Well, that one went viral, and it’s no wonder.

    This kid has got it right, all right: “Making yippee” means being always on the alert for a moment to celebrate in a tangible way…no matter what.  It’s being willing to look at something very small in the middle of a humble or less-than-ideal circumstance and see color and light. And have a little celebration with a little confetti.

    Granted, in super-hard times, you may only be able to throw a confetto–that’s singular for confetti– and have just a teeny tiny bit of celebration. But even a confetto counts, my friend. We just have to be intentional enough to be carrying it around in our pockets, always ready to toss into the air.

    And what might that look like?

    This episode will help you figure out what it looks like to throw a little confetti–figurative and literal–so you can be the joy deliverer this world needs so much.


    Jackson, Alan. “Good Time.”


    Montgomery, Mimi. The Brooklyn Based Confetti Project Is Coming to the DC Area.


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