Podcast Episode 165 (30): Turn Your Body Blues into Joy

    Aug 7, 2023

    Can we talk about what you look like?

    My guess is, you’re already cringing, which is sad because sometimes our perception of our own looks can keep us from a life of joy, and, may I just say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

    If you’re a regular person, there’s probably something about your appearance that isn’t okay with you, that you wish were different. We’re often very hard on ourselves in this department for a number of reasons. 

    If you have a few years of living behind you, you can’t help but compare the “you” of today with the “you” a few decades ago.

    Or maybe there’s something about you that’s not like (your perception of) “everybody else’s.” Maybe you have a lazy eye or thinning hair or a wonky gait or crooked feet, some extra fluff, or any one of countless possible bodily irregularities.

    And these days, there’s a whole lot of photo shopping and filtering going on, coming at us from just about every existing form of media, so that doesn’t help any normal person’s self esteem.

    It’s incredible the things people will do to alter their appearance.

    Our body blues can lead us (and led me) to some strange and destructive places.

    Maybe you, too, see something about yourself that’s not like “other people’s,” and forget that the God of the universe knows you by your beautiful soul, not by the body that surrounds it. But maybe it would also help to remember that even the “imperfect” body surrounding that soul is giving you life.

    This episode could help you view yourself from the perspective of the One who created you, and maybe because of that, you will be quicker to embrace the grand adventures–and the exuberant joy–you were designed for.

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