Podcast Episode 167 (124): Enjoy The Age You Are

    Aug 21, 2023

    The challenges of moving from one stage of life to another start early…and the transitions don’t get any easier as time goes on. 

    Maybe you’re at an age at which you find yourself doing a fair amount of reflecting on your life–looking back at your past, taking stock of your present, and wondering about your future–and maybe that future scares you some, and you start to long for simpler or healthier times.

    But you can be encouraged by the words of Anne Lamott:  “I am all the ages I’ve ever been.  You realize this at some point about your child—even when your kid is sixteen, you can see all the ages in him, the baby wrapped up like a burrito, the one-year-old about to walk, the four-year-old napping, the ten-year-old on a trampoline…every age we’ve ever been is who we are.

    So how can I be represented by a snapshot, or any one specific aging age?  Isn’t the truth that this me is subsumed into all the me’s I already have been, and will be?

    Indeed. And every age we’ve ever been, can help us find joy in whatever age we are. 


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